Jul 28

SpaceGum Pty Ltd, a Melbourne Australia game developer, today is pleased to announce that the Battlepath Monsters App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. In a world first, the game uses the location of real-world businesses such as McDonalds, Burger King & StarBucks and overlays fictional in-game merchants like Orc Burgers, Taverns and Wizard Shops on their position. The game is a cross between a dungeon fighting game and location-based social network.

“Battlepath Monsters is at the cutting edge of augmented reality gaming.” said Adrian Risch, CEO of SpaceGum. “Someone can be eating a hamburger at a restaurant, check-in with their iPhone and buy a virtual Dragon Burger with Toad Fries”.

Users from all over the world can play the game, with North American users having real-world business locations as in-game merchants and other users having random ones. Players are able to build a castle in their own location and siege other players locally or they can teleport to another city to attack. While not building castles, players have a character hero that clears their local area of various monsters such as Goblins, Bats & Dragons by attacking them with swords, wands and crossbows.

You can download Battlepath Monsters in the App Store for Free.

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