Jul 28

Realore Studios today is pleased to announce the release of Roads of Rome HD for the iPad platform. Initially created for PC and being highly appreciated by strategy game fans, now the title is also available for the App Store users. In Roads of Rome HD players have the opportunity to experience a story set in ancient Rome with a blend of building simulation, casual strategy and time management gameplay in 40 challenging levels.

The game is based on a romantic love story where every user can become Victorius, a brave Roman general, who has fallen in love with the daughter of Caesar and has to take up challenging tasks, so that the mighty leader lets him marry her. Players mission is to expand the Rome road system into unknown and dangerous areas, explore barbarian lands, win recognition and achieve success.

Roads of Rome HD makes the most out of the iPads technological capabilities and presents four different episodes in widely varying landscapes. The title involves lots of strategic planning and thinking ahead providing hours of absorbing action. There are also four unlockable mini-games at users disposal that spice up the gameplay. The landmark feature of the title is beautiful HD graphics and animations accompanied by realistic sound effects which create special involving atmosphere.

“Our well-known game Roads of Rome has already won worldwide recognition among thousands of PC players, therefore we are now happy to bring its iPad version to the App Store. Roads of Rome HD has everything a casual player can enjoy: engaging storyline, colorful characters, a variety of unique options and upgrades. Now optimized for iPad, Roads of Rome HD is sure to become a real hit game!” – said Natalia Matveeva, head of business development at Realore.

Download Roads of Rome HD for the iPad for $2,99 in the App Store.

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