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iPad is a truly amazing device and when you jailbreak it you can see its potential for real. When you jailbreak your iPad, you set it free from the limitations imposed on it by its strict father Apple. You are able to install all third party applications on your iPad once it is jailbroken and the best part is that most of these third party applications are free to download. And if you are worrying about the legalities, rest assured, it is completely legal to unlock and jailbreak your iPad device.

Here are some more benefits of having your iPad jailbroken.

• You would be able to install all third party application, which are yet to be approved by Apple.

• If you are a developer, you would be able to install applications that you yourself created. If you submit them to Apple and wait for an approval, it might take some months; but with a jailbroken iPad, there would be nothing to wait for.

• It is also possible to change the theme of your iPad, once you jailbreak it.

• If you are a developer, you can take advantage of the fact that you would be able to manage the code structure of any given application without any problem.

And now the big question – how on the earth can I jailbreak my phone? Here is how you can do that.

Tips to Jailbreak your iPad


As important as it is, you should backup all of your information on iPad via iTunes to make sure that all your settings and critical data on iPad remains safe and preserved. To do that you should be running the latest version of iTunes application. You would need to follow the below given steps to backup your iPad.

• Connect your device with your Mac or computer using a connector cable.

• Switch on your iPad device. You should be able to see it now under “Devices” section in the left panel of the iTunes application.

• Right click on your device name and select “backup”. With this, iTunes will create a backup of your device settings within iTunes.

Download the jailbreaking application

• There are many applications available that can help you to jailbreak your iPad, but here we would be talking about “spirit jailbreak”. You can download this application from www.spiritjb.com.

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