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Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is a common practice these days. It is legal now, but even when it was strictly unlawful to jailbreak an Apple device, everyone did it unhesitatingly, well almost everyone. Doing something illegal is right or wrong is another debate, but Jailbreaking a device has its own consequences.

Apple has programmed and designed IOS in such a way that it ensures reliability. Many of the customers do not understand the risks involved in hacking IOS. Those who have unlocked their devices have experienced numerous problems. Some of the problems caused by unauthorized changes to the IOS are:

Instability: Be it the device or application, jail breaking a device ensues instability. Frequent crashes, hang-ups, freezes of built-in and third party apps and sometimes-even loss of data are some of the experiences after a jailbreak.

Unreliability: Calls drop, data connections become slow or unreliable, and GPS works inaccurately sometimes.

Disorder of Services: Some prebuilt operating system services like Weather forecast and updated news, YouTube, Visual Voicemail, and Stocks do not work on an unlocked or hacked device. Additionally, third party applications that make use of the Apple Push Notification Service have had difficulty in receiving notifications or received unintended notifications. Other services like MobileMe and Exchange have synching problems with their respective servers.

Security Issues: Security compromises have arisen with the use of modifications, that could allow hackers to steal sensitive or personal information, damage the device, attack the wireless network, install malware or viruses or use the device without the knowledge of owner.

Shortened Life: The hacked software probably consumes more resources and as a result, battery life suffers considerably. Since the battery of iPhone is irreplaceable, in hindsight the life of the device itself is reduced!

Future Software Updates: As Apple discourages Jailbreaking any if their device, hence they have incorporated the ability in IOS updates to detect the modified code introduced by hacking the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Due to this detection, all future software updates are banned, and even it installed they ‘brick’ the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch permanently. A bricked device is permanently inoperable and Apply refuses to service such a device because Jailbreaking violates their End-User Agreement in the first place.

Some other minor complaints from users: As seen commonly in community forums, the following problems were the most common among owners of a hacked device:

The Vibrate Glitch: The iPhone vibrates in normal mode whenever the vibrate switch is switched. It becomes very annoying after a while. Usually happens with the firmware 4.3.1.

Erroneous Behavior: SMS or call tones appear to be cut or shortened into half, not sounding properly and iPhone vibrates on every SMS regardless of the settings. Not a big deal really, but when you have spent half your fortune on buying a phone, you would not want these things to happen.

Less free Memory: As said above, due the extra resources gobbled by the hacked IOS, available memory for running applications decreases and some applications malfunction or do not run at all.

Wi-Fi Problems: The Wi-Fi on the iPad or iPhone seems to be connected, but as soon as some app requests internet usage there is no coverage. Turning the Wi-Fi off and then on again solves this issue for some, while some say that this is a manufacturing problem with IOS and does not have to do anything with Jailbreak.

Video Player: The built-in video player would not play the files giving an error message. This issue can now be address by download a BSD Subsystem app from App store.

MMS Problems: Some users have claimed their MMS app has stopped working after a jailbreak, the hacker community responded and released a patch fix to resolve this issue but the success rate with that is 50%.

In short, there a whole bunch of problems one can run into after Jailbreaking an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and Apple Inc. will not come to your help since they condemn Jailbreaking their devices at any level. It is upon the user to decide between a single carrier, locked OS or unlocked features, carrier freedom and some problems here and there.

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Sarah Hoekstra- professional Guest blogger. Writing for MacKeeper-useful software that will help you with Mac fix and Mac scan.

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10 Responses to “Interesting Facts Related To IPhone Jailbreaking”

  1. flyboy88 Says:

    I’ll take my chances. I’m sure MOST JB’ers don’t revert back to the closed platform too.

  2. Scott Says:

    I have been jailbreaking since the very first iphone was released, and I have continued the practice through the current model. Yes, the process has introduced bugs that effected the existing os and applications, however, I have not had a bug that was not fixed by a subsequent revision to the jailbreak, so your argument is invalid. I have never reverted back to stock firmware, because a jailbreak has introduced a bug I could deal with.

    The jailbreaking community has been a source of inspiration for developers and apple itself. It has continued to bring usefulness and innovation to the device, and even though jailbreaking is against the EULA, the platform, in a jailbroken state, is still far more stable and free of bugs than ANY of the alternatives.

    Nice TROLL with the article though! :)

  3. Heath Says:

    Agree completely with Scott. I hope this makes as many people frantic as you has hoped Sarah. Good luck.

  4. Chris Says:

    Ok, I haven’t experiences any of the problems (save the vibration bug and considering how infrequently I switch it, it’s not an issue) on any device that I have jailbroken. As for memory, I end up with more free memory on jailbroken devices, because I can more readily close background apps that are hogging it.

    Devices that I have unlocked have had fewer dropped calls than their locked counterparts.

    Also, it was never illegal to jailbreak your phone, Apple just wanted you to believe it was, the ruling simply clarified the fair use act and how it applies to these types of devices.

    Also, I really don’t understand why anyone would post such an article on this type of board, obviously the majority here are ones that will jailbreak their phones.

  5. Ratox Says:

    Didn’t know iphonefreaks works for Apple now..

  6. Jitendra Says:

    Half of the facts above are false, this is a list of isolated incidences spread across various firmware versions.

    As long as you keep updating “Cydio” and the Jailbroken Apps, you have minimum issues. Infact Apple steals ideas from Jailbreak community.

    Jailbreaking community rules!!!

  7. Romaks Says:

    lol this is bullshit. If you mess up ur device after jailbreaking, then you shouldnt have it at all.

  8. Chris Eissens Says:

    I Agree with you guys, this article only show the “possible” negative side of jailbreaking. And not the positive side. I talked to the Guest Blogger about this, and it will not happen again ;)

  9. santana Says:

    the only reason i got the iphone was for jb the best thing there is on iphone is jb with out that it will be only a phone like the ad say if is jb is and iphone if not is something else. ;)

  10. gruven42 Says:

    Way to re-post Apple anti-jailbreaking propaganda. There is no truth in any of these allegations.

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