Jul 17

I would like to inform you guys that Tugi Tap “by OMI Development” can be downloaded for FREE today only! So be fast and check out this new Tap game, that just received its first update. Tugi Tap v1.1 includes a lot of new fun and addictive features. This includes some graphical updates, for better gameplay experience. Some minor bug fixes and they also added gameplay explanation for each level & mini game “as Tugi Tap users requested”. Last but not least, a new MINI Game! has been added, which is unique and highly addictive. You can download Tugi Tap for the iPhone FREE Today Only in the App Store.


Tugi Tap is a fast action game in a nice designed cartoony world.

There are multiple “Tugi’s” flying/falling and swimming accross the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch. Tap them as fast as you can and in the meantime try to make combinations of the same “Tugi’s” to get more points and combos. You can also find specials that give a nice effect and can give you a lot of extra points. (Tap the big Tugi’s 20 times to make them explode). The better you are the more stars you collect, your job…. collect all 3 stars for each level you play, are you fast enough?

We didn’t stop here, we also included 2 mini games to test your speed skills. Show your friends how fast you are and try to improve your skills and highscore.

* Multiple Levels To Choose From!
* Collect Bonus Points For A Better HighScore!
* 2 Extra Mini Game’s To Test Your Speed Skills!
* Warning: Highly Addictive!

Next Update Will Include:
* Extra Level “Into Space”

Note, Tugi Tap Requires:
* iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4
* iPod Touch 3 or iPod Touch 4
* iPad or iPad 2

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Download Tugi Tap today and get it for FREE!

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