Jul 14

Monsters thrive below the surface. Swarms of insects and evil creatures have overrun dungeons filled with traps and vicious bosses who hide around every corner. Welcome to the world of Pocket RPG! Crescent Moon Games, of Aralon and Gears fame, is excited to announce the release of this treasure hunting, monster slashing, dungeon raiding game for the iPad developed by Tasty Poison Games! Check more information and movie after the break.

Choose from three distinct classes– Blade Master, Dark Ranger, or Battle Mage– with each of their own unique combat styles. Fight your way through endless dungeons as you collect treasure and items, and unlock equipment and skills. Each quest begins a new adventure, with the hero starting fresh and your adventure rapidly escalating as you destroy your enemies and level up.

With never ending fantasy hack and slash action, Game Center achievements and leader-boards, and forthcoming updates packing on more new content, Pocket RPG is unlike anything you’ve ever played before. Challenging, but quick to begin, your endless questing begins today! Duel stick controls, relentless looting, hives and swarms of enemies and monsters, challenging bosses and beautiful 3D environments, monsters, and characters make Pocket RPG your next favorite game. Download it today for $2.99 for your Apple iPad and start adventuring!

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