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9to5mac received some information from an “iPhone source that has been reliable in the past” saying Apple will bring 2 new iPhones on the marker this September. “One will be a low-end variety that will address the cheap Android market, according to the source.  The other will be a high-end device and will be an all new design.  There will be no mistaking these two devices, they will be immediately discernible.  The iPod touch, like it always has, will get updated in September as well.”

So that is where the info path trails off, and to be frank, it is not all that surprising.  There are currently two totally distinct iPhones on the market: the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4.  The 3GS is at a cheaper price point while the iPhone 4 is the high-end line.

So we will have the same thing in September?  iPhone 4 is the low end and iPhone 5 the high end?

I am not so sure.  For one, the price of an iPhone 4 isn not going to compete with cheap Android phones in any way.  Apple is currently selling them for over $600.  They aren not going to cut the price in half overnight.  The 3GS does not currently compete on price either.  I think that to compete on price with Android, Apple has to make a totally new low end phone as well.

What is it going to be?  I think a good place to start looking is the curent iPod touch.  The iPod touch has the same resolution screen as the iPhone 4 but with poor(er) viewing angles because the screen does not have In-Plane Switching.

But Apple somehow makes a lot of money selling this “almost iPhone” for just $229 retail (and under $200 at discounts) vs. the $650 that the iPhone 4 fetches without a plan.  It does not seem infeasible to me that Apple could use the iPod touch platform that debuted a full year ago to build a cheap iPhone device.

So is Apple creating a iPod Touch like iPhone Device at a cheaper price, by adding a GPS/3G baseband chip and some phone wiring and a solid 3 megapixel camera? Well it all sounds interesting, especially for those who never bought the iPhone because of the price tag.

Source [9to5mac]

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