Jun 16

Following on from the overwhelming critical success of Speedball 2, Evolution and Neon Mania, Polish game developer Vivid Games announces the release of its comedic new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch racing title, Mower Ride. Gardening takes an extreme twist in Mower Ride, which combines horticulture with high-speed racing as players jump onboard a power mower and speed through the back yards of suburbia as fast as possible. Entirely motion controlled, this  turbocharged lawnmower takes players on a turf-churning thrill ride as it crashes through fences, speeds across perilous roads and swerves around the busy backyards collecting energy power-ups and trimming the shrubbery.

Other manic mower riders are also on the loose in the randomized middle-class garden racetracks, and are out to trash the player’s turf-tearing transport in a dangerous game of chariot-based chicken. Ramming rival riders into garden ornaments, outdoor furniture, water features, swimming pools and walls is the only way to keep on mowing and achieve the greatest garden-gouging distances. But once the power mower is wrecked, the horticultural chaos is over.

“There aren’t many games that can genuinely make players laugh out loud,” explains Vivid Games producer Andrzej Koloska. “Mower Ride is the best kind of raw escapism, but we worked hard to ensure that it’s not just a hilarious premise. It’s as addictive and challenging as it is manic, and we believe that makes Mower Ride uniquely entertaining.”

Players can send asynchronous challenges to their lead-footed friends, offering up a challenge to beat their mower-mounted distance, while an in-game Booster Store allows them to spend their hard-earned gardening gift to pimp out their power mower.

Mower Ride is revving its engine on the App Store at $0.99 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, ready to put the “agro” in “agriculture” for anyone who likes their racing games with a surreal grassland slant.

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