May 07

Premier Polish game developer Vivid Games is once again illuminating the App Store with version 1.2 update to its immensely successful steady-hand game Neon Mania on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. “There have been over 40.000.000 neon signs illuminated by Neon Mania players since the game’s launch,” says Vivid Games president Remigiusz Koscielny, “and we want those avid sign makers to be able to tell their friends about their achievements and high scores. OpenFeint
integration into Neon Mania was the natural choice for letting the online world see those neon lights burning brightly!”
Neon Mania requires players to carefully and accurately trace shapes and symbols on the touchscreen, lighting up the neon signs to score points. OpenFeint’s social gaming features allow players to share achievements and high scores, awarded through the game’s massive 551 levels, with other iOS and Neon Mania gamers.

Fifteen new achievements have been added to give players more to discover through the social gaming network, and Neon Mania now supports multitasking in case players want to put their electric finger-painting on hold while using their iOS device.

“Going social with Neon Mania enhances existing players’ experiences considerably,” explains designer Bartosz Biniecki, “but we also wanted to bring newcomers into the growing Neon Mania radiance, which is why this update is accompanied by the release of a free lite version – or ‘light’ version, as we’ve been calling around the office!”

Alongside Neon Mania’s OpenFeint integration and the release of Neon Mania Free, version 1.2 also delivers a host of gameplay tweaks, an updated tutorial, new graphics and a Neon Gallery showcasing the player’s artistic accomplishments. A further update is already planned to celebrate Memorial Day on May 30th with 50 more free themed levels, making the App Storereally light up as the summer holiday season begins.

Neon Mania is a universal iOS application, and launched on the iTunes App Store in April 2011 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac.

You can download Neon Mania for $0,99 in the App Store and the Lite version can be downloaded for free.

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