Apr 16

hearing the alarm going off and seeing that it’s 6.30am. Imagine reading a story or find out if your favourite team won. Imagine checking the trend of the markets or the euro-dollar exchange rate. Imagine reading a text message, an e-mail or a facebook or skype message. Imagine answering a phone call, or making one. Imagine checking the weather to see if the day will be a nice one. Imagine receiving a reminder of your next appointment. Imagine seeing directions to a location of a fixed appointment. Imagine listening to your favourite music while running in the park. Imagine wearing Italian design of the highest levels. Imagine that you are dazzled by the brightness of gold. Imagine being kidnapped by the magic of luxury. Imagine looking at a photo set in a jewel. Imagine having the exclusivity of your name engraved. Imagine having all this and more while keeping your phone in your pocket.” Thats the italian i’mWatch!



  • Receive calls and see you caller’s name and number
  • Make calls using the keypad or your iPhone’s address book
  • Receive text messages and emails
  • See the weather forecast for your city
  • See your Facebook news feed
  • Receive notifications from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
  • Download music from the i’music store
  • Listen to the radio
  • Download apps from the i’m store
  • View your iPhone’s photo collection, arranged by album
  • View stock market data
  • Receive notifications for Calendar appointments and reminders
  • develop and create custom–made apps for i’m


The i’mWatch will be available from September and there with be five variations of the device to choose from – yellow gold, pink gold, white gold & diamonds, black gold, and titanium. However, a watch with a list of features this long – and made from these materials – is sure to come with a pretty hefty price tag.

The titanium model is the cheapest at €599, the most expensive is the white gold & diamonds model at €14,999, and the other three are priced at €11,999. For an extra 2,000€ you can also have your name engraved onto it.

[via CoM]

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