Apr 14

Following on from the overwhelming critical success of Speedball 2 Evolution, Polish game developer Vivid Games announces the release of its new iPhone, iPad and iPod touch title, Neon Mania. “After the intense, hardcore action of Speedball 2 Evolution we wanted something with a bit more escapism that we could all chill out with,” says Vivid Games president Remigiusz Koscielny. “So we developed Neon Mania with the intention of giving iOS gamers a fun way to
take it easy.”

Neon Mania follows the style of the classic, table-top “steady hand” games, requiring players to illuminate intricately shaped items by carefully and accurately tracing their outline on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s touchscreen.

Featuring hundreds of different levels, Neon Mania offers hours of relaxing, addictive gameplay split up into categories including Kids, Sports, Landmarks, Party and Signs, with more dexterous challenges to be added in future updates. “It’s a beautifully simple game to play and a great way to unwind,” Koscielny continues, “but we’re also very proud of how addictive Neon Mania is. It’s so hard to put down we had to create hundreds of levels to make sure people didn’t burn through the game in just a few hours!”

Two different game modes accompany the vibrant, dynamic visuals and enchanting chill-out soundtrack, delivering an absorbing and contemplative experience that blends gaming and relaxation in a way that’s rarely seen on Apple’s portable platform.

Neon Mania launched on the App Store on 14th of April at $0.99 / €0.79 / £0.59 for the iPhone,
iPad and iPod touch.

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