Feb 19

The WALdok is a small form-factor speaker/charger dock for the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and iPod nano/classic/touch that plugs DIRECTLY into any standard wall outlet. The WALdok allows you to plug-n-play and plug-n-charge in the bathroom, kitchen, office, or anywhere there is a wall outlet. It takes complete advantage of modularity. Go from jogging with ear buds to filling the bathroom with same music in an instant!


* Charger dock compatible with most Apple iDevices (those that use the 30-pin connector)
* High quality stereo speaker that plugs directly into standard wall sockets
* Bass chamber that reverberates and simulates a sub-woofer
* Internal battery to it can also be used as a desk top speaker (we’re shooting for 12 hours playback!)
* Flip out retractable plugs for sleeker portability (also can be used as a kickstand for desk top use)
* Compatible with interchangeable international plug slides (will be sold separately)


For way more pictures and information check out kickstarter.

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