Feb 19

The legendary drifting series comes to iPad with Ridge Racer Accelerated HD. Players can download the free trial to get a feel for the drifting and nitrous action. The trial includes the three Type-S machines from CLASS 4, one course (Seaside Route 765) and both Time Attack and Game Center ranking modes (with iOS 4.2 or newer). The full upgrade is available for $9.99 in the Online Shop.

The ultimate drift racer: fast, smooth, and with hairpin bends that you can take at 200 km/h!
AppStore hit RIDGE RACER ACCELERATED is back, with a new look and a new iPad-only HD version!
Building on the acclaimed visual quality of the iPhone/iPod touch version, the new iPad edition boasts the highest resolution yet!
Longtime fans and new challengers alike will be delighted by the wide range of souped-up new takes on famous RIDGE RACER courses, dating back to the original 1993 arcade version!


* Combining the same celebrated control scheme as the iPhone/iPod version with all-new tweaks and tuning, it’s a bigger blast than ever!
Choose a steering method from two velocity sensor modes or two virtual pad modes — four modes in all.

* Forget the brakes — hit the nitrous!
Charge your nitrous gauge by drifting, then activate it for an exhilarating speed boost that will leave other racers in the dust!
The ultimate acceleration experience for those who don’t know the meaning of the word “brake.”

* Choose your own difficulty level!
In Arcade mode, you can choose your own difficulty level. Even beginners can start having fun right away!

You can download Ridge Racer Accelerated HD for free in the App Store.

Ridge Racer Accelerated HD

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