Dec 28

Remember the 2-in-1 iPad camera connection kit? It’s an useful accessory for your iPad, and it’s amazing to see that the two dongles Apple sells bundled together for $29 have been reduced to just the one device, but what’s more amazing we seeing here is a 3-in-1 version and it’s comes in black color too. More info and video review after the break.

We have started accept pre-ordering today. New orders placed on Dec 28 or after is est. to ship out on Jan12 – til – Jan 16. Please note that this batch will be our last productions before Chinese New Year (Feb 3). Once sold out, new productions will start only again after Feb 10.

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One Response to “3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit [review]”

  1. deep Says:

    They charge tax when it’s coming from China?
    So deceiving. They shouldn’t say it’s 29 when it’s 35 really.

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