Dec 16

Xmas Alphabet
Aquafadas is happy to announce the release of a new application dedicated for the iPad: Xmas Alphabet – Learn and Play. Christmas ABC has arrived! With this new iPad application children can discover the amazing world of words and letters in a christmasy spirit! Xmas Alphabet comes with joyful backgrounds with Christmas characters, letting kids to learn to spell words from a Christmas themed choice of vocabulary and have fun at the same time!

The application also includes a drawing game which asks the reader to trace a letter along dashes and points are awarded for accuracy. The scores are saved on the high scores table so kids can challenge each other, and even themselves. They learn while having lots of fun!

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One Response to “Xmas Alphabet For The iPad – A New Way To Learn For Kids”

  1. syahrul ginanjar Says:

    Dear’ is Good Idea X mas Alfabet for Kids, new Technology for IQ Child very Smart ,thank you.

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