Dec 06

The Human Body is very interesting! But recently its gotten a lot more interesting thanks to Dr.NanoX, a new iOS game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad. Dr.NanoX is an adventurous 3D Platformer game in where you control a small 3D avatar with Dual Stick Controls. Dr.NanoX, developed by Mission Critical Studios, has been developed for over a year now, and has finally been submitted to the App Store for review.
Now lets look at the actual game! In Dr.NanoX your 3D player/avatar shrinks down to enter patients and blast dangerous parasites & bacteria. Your patient has been quarantined with parasites & bacteria that have never been heard or studied about before. Your job is to enter the human body & kill all the parasites, bacteria, & other harmful organisms. You achieve this with help of the games’ dual stick controls, scientific instruments, jet-packs, & more!

Dr.NanoX also features Online Multiplayer in where players fight while flying around in a jet-pack blasting their competitors.

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