Dec 03

Buccaneer Blitz
Buccaneer Blitz is a 3D real-time strategy game available for $2.99 on iPad and iPhone/iPod touch (one SKU!).  Players take on enemy islands in their quest to conquer the dangerous seas.  Balancing mana-based spells and direct ship attacks is imperative to successfully takeover the 15 levels.  12 additional levels are available for $0.99 through In App Purchase.

Buccaneer Blitz 1

“Build your armada to destroy invading ships and to conquer other islands. Increase your mana to unleash menacing spells on the enemies or give your ships an extra speed boost. Take matters in your hands and make use of the catapult to detour invading ships. Fully supported with Wi-Fi, Online and Bluetooth networking you can now go head to head with anyone to see who really rules the seas! Conquer, defend and use strategy to rule in this exciting strategy game!”

Buccaneer Blitz 2

Download Buccaneer Blitz from the App Store for $2,99. You can get 12 additional levels via In App Purchase.

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