Dec 03

House of Glass Namco
House of Glass is the first three-dimensional (3D) tangram puzzle game for iPad.  It brings players to a mysterious mansion where they must navigate their way through six rooms, locate hidden objects and solve an immersive plot.  While it may seem relatively simple, there are more than 30 puzzles awaiting, each becoming increasingly more complicated and requiring quite a bit of moving, rotating and flipping pieces on different axes to solve.  Progress is tracked through 25 possible achievements, including completion of tangram puzzles and minigames or finding specific objects.  An online leaderboard displays the user with the fastest completion time.  Future updates will allow access to more levels through content packs and user-generated content.

House of Glass Namco 2

To play this game you need a iPad running iOS 4.2. You can download the app for free in the App Store, but you need to pay $4,99 for the full version, that you can get via In App Purchase.

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