Oct 12

I love games that are cheap, use ZERO brain power, are quick to play and are engaging.  What can I say? I guess I am a product of the 140 character society in which we live (either that or I have an undocumented case of ADHD). Pig Shot is one of those games. The game is only a buck. Cheap, check. Gameplay lasts as long as you can keep from hitting anything. Engaging and no thinking, check. The premise is simple. The pig hops into the slingshot and once you let it go, it rolls down the farm until it hits something. By tilting the phone left or right you can avoid obstacles. Your goal is to get one from one sling shot to another. If you roll into an object, it’s game over. Though some objects are worth rolling into.  A star or cauliflower, for example, because you pick up both points and gas. Another nice little touch is that the stars have pig snouts for noses. Typically, I’m not a fan of the flatulence, but a little potty humor to give a pig a boost when running low on energy is both amusing and functional.

Pig Shot uses Open Feint which allows you to compete against yourself as well as others for the highest score. You can also unlock achievements which only adds to the addictive quality of the game. For example, one of the achievements is ‘Sheep Molester’. While the game is rated 4+, if you have younger ones make sure they understand to avoid the sheep at ALL costs. Otherwise if they hit 3 sheep, be prepared to explain to them what a ‘Sheep Molester’ is (assuming they can read). Farting pigs, cool. Sheep Molesters…uhhh….not so much. I am no Pollyanna and have no issues discussing such topics with my children at the proper time. I just don’t need Pig Shot to jump start that discussion is all. There are many other achievements, such as ‘Constipated’ (collect 10 cauliflowers without releasing any gas)  and ‘Diet’ (accumulate 800 points without collecting any cauliflower) that are entertaining and amusing.


Speaking of my little dudes, they absolutely love this game. I constantly hear them yelping with glee and cheering when they break their high score. I, too, enjoy the game. It’s one of the first games I go to when I have a few minutes and want to shut off my brain. Pig Shot is certainly not an original idea (think Doodle Jump, Elf etc.),  but with it’s wee bit of potty humor, fun graphics and dare I say addictive game play, you will have to excuse me, but this game is a gas!

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