Oct 08

MC2One of my all time favorite games on iPhone was N.O.V.A, a first person shooter almost like halo. Now there is a new hot game, Modern Combat 2 from Gameloft. I firmly believe that this game sets new standards in all areas of gameplay, From its challenging single player campaign to its rewarding multiplayer experience and the high level of detail….this game is a definite buy. The game offers a variant of maps, customizable control schemes, and my favorite: 10 player online multiplayer. Online play is very rewarding, as you progress you unlock new weapons and you move up in ranks, those that have played Call of Duty online will be very familiar with this. Also there is a variant of gameplay modes available online. You have the option of the following: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag and Diffuse the Bomb. The maps look gorgeous, especially if you have an iPhone 4, since the graphics have been optimized for the retina display. If any of you readers are looking for a great, fun, rewarding experience, then please pick up this game as it is definetely a must have title.

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