Oct 01

Because multiple game developers dropped the prices of their games in the App Store, Nexx Studio “the developer of Pig Shot” decided to follow their moves. Over the next few days, most of Nexx Studios product including Photo Spot, The idiot Test 3 & The Stupid Test 5 can be downloaded for FREE!

the stupid test 5 appstore
The Stupid Test 5: One of the most played brain teaser games on the Internet; by over 40 million people to date.

* Featured by Apple in New & Noteworthy of Entertainment
* Recommended by AddictingGames.com of MTV Networks
* Top Free Apps in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland
* #2 Top Free Apps in United States
* Over 1,000,000 copies downloaded to date

the idiot test 3
The Idiot Test 3: The third series of the popular flash game The Idiot Test by Ryan Curtis. This is the original quiz game that inspired the creation of The Moron Test.

* Over 1 million copies downloaded to date
* Top Free App in U.K, Canada & Australia.
* Ranked #16 for Entertainment in US App Store

appstore-photo spot
Photo Spot: Can you identify all 4 differences in the photos before the countdown timer runs out? With just three hints to help you survive the countdown, challenge yourself to earn a position in the global high score chart.

* Featured by Apple in App Store Staff Favorites
* Featured in MacWorld iPhone Game Roundup
* Top 100 Free Games App in 41 countries

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