Sep 25

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games for the iDevice in the App Store for quit some time now and the developer Rovio had plans to make “Angry Birds” more than just a game. Well it looks like he already started with his plan by creating Angry Birds Plush Toys. In the picture above and after the break you can see some prototype plush birds spotted on the streets of Manhattan.

Is this a start of Rovio’s big plan to make Angry Birds more than just a game? If you still haven’t heard of Angry Birds before, you can try the game for free or purchase the full game for only $0,99.


Source [toucharcade]

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One Response to “Angry Birds Plush Toys Coming Soon?”

  1. ozan dikerler Says:

    Hahahaha I love it :) I want a black bird with bomb.

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