Sep 17
Iphone version of mishap

The PC hit Mishap is on its way to iOS Devices, Namco have extended theyre PC hit and brought it to the Ipohne/Ipod touch and The Ipad.

The burton family just bought and moved into theyre new stunning house, little do they know theyre not the only occupents of the house, getting ready to leave they are greeted by a professional parnaormal investigator and exterminitor.

Mishap logo

The game will require you to go on a “hunt” around the house and find a list of objects that have absorbed ghostly energy somehow you will also have to find pieces to assemble the exterminitor’s ghost hunting gadgets and clues, throughout the games there are mini games to be played, riddles to be solved and 32 rooms to be searched.

The graphics are brilliant and a excellent quality “visually stunning” and the cutscenes are made up of comic strip style which helps suck you into the story.

The developers have tried to take advantage of the accelorometer using it to hunt for ghosts throughout the game. The controls are very simple an easy to pick up, very enjoyable and addictive for all the fans of the PC version get your hands on this version beacause you will enjoy it just as much.

The game is very close to being released in the app store. There is no official release date yet and it will be available for only $4.99 on the iphone and $6.99 on the Ipad.

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