Sep 03

ipod nano touch
We already showed you what’s new in the iPod Touch 4, but what about the iPod Nano? The first thing that probably comes into your mind is, “it looks like a mini iPod Touch”. This is because Apple replaced the click-wheel with a small 1.54-inch multi-touch screen and changed the design of the Nano by making it 45% smaller and 46% lighter. Its now only has a size of 37.5 mm by 40.9 mm by 8.78 mm and weights just 21.1 grams.


It also has a lot of features such as VoiceOver, FM-radio, Nike+, pedometer and a clip mounted on the backside. It is available in 24 languages and 6 different colours. With a battery life of 24 hours of music playback, you have plenty of time to enjoy your 8GB or 16GB iPod Nano.

design_colors ipod nano touch

You can purchase this new Nano for $149 (8GB) or $179 (16GB).

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2 Responses to “New iPod Nano, Small iPod Touch?”

  1. April Says:

    dude it rocks it simply rocks no more than that.

  2. Meli Says:

    mine cant turn on when i want it to….any suggestions?

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