Jul 09

apple small touchscreen
There has been a little touchscreen spotted in Taiwan that is actually a part made by Apple. Pictures of this 1.18″ square, 3cm x 3cm touchscreen are posted on a Taiwanese website called Apple.proEnglish”. Its not the question if this website can be trusted “because they already proved themselves by showing a legit white iPhone case and a unibody Macbook Pro case before they were released.” So the question is why does Apple need a 3x3cm touchscreen. Is it for a new iPod, some kind of mouse pad or remote? What do you think?

Source [tuaw]

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2 Responses to “Tiny Apple Touch Screen Spotted! But Where Is It For?”

  1. mvran Says:

    it must be a mysterious gimmick of unimaginable power! :)

  2. Derek Says:

    Sat nav with FaceTime integration

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