Jul 03


Yes that’s right, more iPhone 4 problems has been reported. This time its about the camera, some users are noticing poor white balance in the pictures they shot. Areas that supposed to be white, are looking yellow. It happens most of the time when taking a indoor shot, with and without the LED flash. Macworld has emailed Apple about the issue but they haven’t received an answer yet. Did you noticed some change in your pictures shot with the iPhone 4?

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2 Responses to “iPhone 4 Camera: Yellow Issues”

  1. Peter Says:

    Yeah I noticed the issue with indoor shots, both with and without the flash. It totally sucks cuz it’s a great phone and potentially a great camera!

  2. Paul Says:

    Any word on a fix for this yet? Almost makes me want to throw my 4g away and get a droid.

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