Jun 24

iPhone 4 teardown
There are still some question marks about the iPhone 4 like, how much RAM does the iPhone 4 has and does it really have a Corning Gorilla screen? “because the iPhone 4 owned by engadget already has some scratches on the back.” Well iFixit took the iPhone 4 to the lab and opened the device to get some answers to these questions.

So does the iPhone’s A4 processor indeed has 512 MB RAM?

We have confirmed that the iPhone’s A4 processor has 512 MB RAM, unlike the iPad’s more limited 256 MB. This decision may have been made fairly late in Apple’s development cycle, because early leaked prototype phones only had 256 MB.

And what about the so called Corning Gorilla Glass?

The front glass panel of the iPhone is constructed of Corning Gorilla Glass, a chemically strengthened alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass that is reported to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic.

Gorilla Glass holds many advantages as the iPhone 4’s front panel including its high resistance to wear and increased strength from a strengthening process.

That are some pretty clear answers right? But what about the back of the iPhone 4? Is that also made of Corning Gorilla Glass? Why is the iPhone 4 of engadget already scratched on the back?

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