Jun 02

One week ago we started the Batteryfull + (Alarm) giveaway. We promised to give away 10 Promo Codes for Batteryfull + (Alarm). Today is the day we announce the 10 lucky winners. Take a quick look and see if you are the winner. Congratulations to all the 10 lucky winners:

  1. Marc
  2. Maulik Morzaria
  3. Kelly Gardner
  4. David
  5. Andrew Masterson
  6. Steven Mangroo
  7. Kevin
  8. Edgaras
  9. Chris Wade
  10. WYSE

The winners will receive their Promo Code via email.

promo codes can only be used with US accounts!! To see how to use the promo codes click here. To read how to create a U.S. account click here.

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6 Responses to “[WINNERS] GIVEAWAY: 10 Promo Codes For Batteryfull + (Alarm)”

  1. Edgaras Says:

    thanxs :)

  2. Kevin Says:

    Thank You!!!!!

  3. WYSE Says:

    wewt! Thanks!

  4. Edgaras Says:

    how i need to use promo code? :)

  5. Kelly Gardner Says:

    Thanks very much, but how do I use the promo code?

  6. Marc Says:

    I’M NUMBER 1 =]

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