May 19

reported that a iPhone manufacturer deployed 100 counsellors to protect the 800.000 employees in China from committing suicide. They decided this after at least seven employees committed suicides this year in its Chinese factories. Geoffrey Crothall, communications director at Hong Kong-based China Labour Bulletin said “It’s not just related to Foxconn. There’s a lot of pressure on young workers in factories all over China. Very few people pay attention to other factories, Foxconn is always in the spotlight, largely because of its relationship to Apple.” Sun Danyong (25) committed suicide in July after a iPhone Prototype was missing, a 24 year old worker died after she jumped of her apartment block in Shenzhen three days before a worker died from injuries after falling from a company dormitory on May 14.

“I believe Foxconn’s management is one of the strictest in China,” Li Qiang, executive director of New York-based China Labor Watch said in an e-mail. The Foxconn incidents “can be said to be part of a wider problem in China, with quite a few factories suffering similar problems from time to time.”

Source [Businessweek]

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