Apr 27

In OS 4.0 you can finally use wallpapers, but it will use the same wallpaper on every page of your iDevice. How about a different wallpaper for every page? You can do this two ways, via SSH “the free way”. Or “for the guys who are not that handy” via the App PerPage for WinterBoard. Thanks to PerPage you can select a wallpaper, tell it where you want it and when you respring you springboard your done. Unfortunately this App isn’t free but for the people that don’t get it to work via SSH this is the solution. SSH HowTo after the break.

perpage1-166x250Set your wallpapers using SSH: First go to your iDevice using SSH and find the “Themes” folder. Then create a new folder (Lets say “Backgrounds”). Now simple insert the background with the names Page0.png, Page1.png etc. Now open WinterBoard and select “Backgrounds”.

If you cant get it to work you can always try PerPage for $1,99 via the repo BigBoss.

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  1. Boaz Coenraad Says:

    Both ain’t working

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