Mar 28

infographic nexus one vs iPhone 3gs preview
created a nice infographic, showing a direct comparison between the Nexus One and the iPhone 3GS. They believe the Nexus One deserves more attention so they show the good and bad point of the Nexus One and The iPhone in a nice infographic. Take a look at the Infographic after the break.

infographic nexus one vs iPhone 3gs

Source [ifixit]

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3 Responses to “InfoGraphic: iPhone 3GS Vs Nexus One”

  1. Biggles Says:

    Sigh. Notably lacking: Software (including OS and apps in app store) and user satisfaction. I’ll be blunt – who *cares* about processor speed or RAM? What matters is how it shows up to the user – is it responsive? When you hit a button, does it work? Are the screens laid out for the convenience of the user – or the programmer? And so on…

  2. Dameckish Says:

    The processor and ram IS important for some ppl, it speeds up the phone and enhances the phone experience. If you think processor and ram has nothing to do with the user satisfaction, whats the point to buy an 3gs over 3g?
    And besides, you can clock the cpu on an android phone if you “root” it. Android is a good choice for a good phone for a smaller price tag than iPhone (even though i love iPhone (A) )

  3. Biggles Says:

    Comparing the 3g to the 3gs is apples-to-apples (haw! unintentional humor) – and in the absence of bigger differences things like screen res or size may be relevant. But when you compare entirely different platforms, those things don’t tell the whole story. “I have 2 gigs, I must be best of all!” doesn’t hold true. In reality, it’s not nearly so much what you have – it’s how you use it. My buddy has an android phone with higher res (and I think more ram?) – but it’s not as *nice* as my 3gs.

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