Mar 09

iBed iphone app iconAre you one of the many iPhone fans that can’t stop using the iPhone. Even when you are lying on your bed and trying to get some sleep? Well there is a new App in the App Store that may help you while you are lying in your bed, iBed. With iBed you can read your email and browse the web while lying down.

iBed will show landscape mode when holding your iPhone in portrait mode and the other way around, this way you can read while lying on your side.

iBed preview

iBed supports AOL Mail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Yahoo, and can be purchased for $0,99. This app is only handy for non-jailbroken iDevice users because jailbroken users can use Rotation Inhibitor “free” for SBSettings to disable landscape mode.

Source [iphoneclub]

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