Mar 05

wifi-whereWe all know that some time back Apple removed thousands of apps from the App Store that contained “overtly sexual” content. Now Apple decided that they will clear the App Store of Wi-Fi finders.

Two days back it appears that Apple removed several WiFi Finders from the App Store including: WiFi-Where, WiFiFoFum and yFy Network Finder.

According to a note Apple sent to the developers, these apps where removed because they all used “a private framework to access WiFi information.”

codemonkey57 wrote: “We received a very unfortunate email today from Apple stating that WiFi-Where has been removed from sale on the App Store for using private frameworks to access wireless information.

It also appears that all other competing WiFi enabled apps have been removed as well. This is very unfortunate as the past 2-3 months have seen a handful of new WiFi apps get approved.”

WiFiFoFum is already available since September 2008 and has now been removed from the App Store. Why did Apple changed his mind?

Source [CultOfMac]

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2 Responses to “Apple Removed Wi-Fi Finders From The App Store”

  1. Camil Says:

    It seems like WifiTrak which was a top app, it’s also been removed from sale on the App Store. That’s a pity.

  2. Artichoke Says:

    Yes… Why did Apple changed his mind? heh heh

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