Mar 02

Crimson Gold SupremeHow much do you love your iPhone? Are you willing to spend $99.500 to protect your iPhone. Well if you have the money you can buy a Crimson Gold Supreme Edition iPhone case. This case designed by Davide De Nizza and Stuart Hughes, is covert with gold and diamantes.

The case has been made from 46 grams of 22ct solid gold and is studded with 25 flawless diamonds, each weighing 0.75 ct. To finish it of you can choose between an opal, ruby, emerald and a huge 3ct single cut flawless diamond.

“Priced at $99,500, the Crimson Gold “SUPREME” edition is limited to only three units and will be available from Republica Fashion (Milan Italy) and at Stuart Hughes (Liverpool England).”

Source [bornrich]

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One Response to “Crimson Gold Supreme: Most Expensive iPhone Case Ever”

  1. borgqueenx Says:

    Nice. But way to expensive. Id like this if it had fake gold and diamonds.

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