Jan 30

apple itouch camera patentApple has a new Patent, this patent is for a new iPod Touch “4G?” with camera, LED backlighting, autofocus and digital zoom.

Apples plan was to install a camera in the previous iPod Touch, the iPod Touch 3G. But because of some errors with the camera, apple removed the camera just minutes before the iPod Touch was introduced.

“The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals one of the next chapters for Apple’s iPod Touch. The patent covers both the iPod touch and iPhone gaining a video camera.”


Maybe apple will finally introduce a iPod Touch with camera this March.

Source: [FSM] [patentlyapple]

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  1. kjufte Says:

    Why do they need patent for something old?There must be some inovation in it so that they request a patent.I wonder what it could be.

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