Jan 14

500x_mac-tablet-concept-2The Green Room Blog created a picture with the latest rumors in it. They numbered every rumour and gave each rumour a color. The red colored rumours are very likely and the grayish colored rumours are very unlikely.

apple-tablet-rumour-roundupclick on the picture for a larger version

I made a list of the 7 very likely rumours in the picture and gave a link to them:

  1. (1) Unique Tablet UI – a combination of both the iPhone OS and the Mac OS X
  2. (2) Aluminum casing – Reuters reports on aluminum Apple Tablet
  3. (3) Quarter two launch – Reuters also reports on possible 2nd quarter launch
  4. (9) Around $1,000 – Wall Street Journal reports the tablet will cost around $1,000
  5. (10) January 27 unveiling – not the 26th but January 27th is the big event
  6. (13) Support’s Apple’s App Store – developers preparing for large screen demo in January
  7. (15) e-reader like functionality for newspapers, books, magazines… – the iTablet (or iSlate) is going to cause a revolution

From: iTabletFreakz.com

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