Jan 07

The Parrot AR.Drone is a quadricopter that you can control with an iPhone or iPod touch. The quadricopter has two integrated cameras that will be used as eyes to deliver live video onto your iPhone. The AR.Drone will be used for real time video games. Tomorrow the Parrot AR.Drone will be available for review on the CES. Till now you can watch the videos below to see what you can do with it.

The AR.Drone includes two cameras. One camera at the front that broadcasts the video to the iPhone screen, this gives you a real time game play feeling like you where sitting in the cockpit. The second camera is located at the bottom that measures its speed and makes sure the quadricopters flies stable.

To control the quadricopters your Parrot AR.Drone generates its own WiFi network that will connect to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Parrot AR.Drone : Flight Demo (HD version)

Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter flying thing impresses at CES

Also check out real time game play.
Parrot AR.Drone : Augmented Reality Video Games Demo (HD version)

For more information make sure you take a look at the parrot website here.

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