Jan 04

mophieLogo.jpegMophie is a populair iPhone and iPod accessories retailer “mainly focused on battery packs to extend the life of the iPhone” is bringing a new gadget on the market called Credit Card Reader.

The name said it all, it’s a creditcard reader for your iPhone. This credit card reader is made to take credit card payments on the go.


On the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on 7 january, Mophie will show of this new gadget. There are not much details released yet but it will look very similar to the Juice Pack Air they created earlier.

I personally don’t think this will be a big success because most people will do there finance and orders at home. But for the traveling business man, this is a must have gift. What do you think? Will you buy it?

source: mashable

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One Response to “Credit Card Reader For The iPhone”

  1. tatum Bisley Says:

    Not good for the UK due to Chip and PIN…. i’d be interested to see more thought… it looks like it just save typing in details into a payment site of sorts… not exactly ground breaking… maybe i’ll be proved wrong… i hope so… but then i’ll be told ‘it’s not for the UK due to chip and pin’…. i bet

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