Jan 04

appmakr-logoAppMakr is an automated mobile application creation engine. Most applications for the iPhone take months to create, costs a lot of money, and you need programming talent.

AppMakr is the solution for people that do not have the time, money or brains to create an mobile application yourself.

With AppMakr you can create applications for the iPhone and other mobile devices within minutes. Check out this video to see what you can create with AppMakr.

It basically turns RSS & XML feeds, APIs and HTML content into an Application for your iPhone. So it is not meant to create games or graphical applications.
Some Applications that are created with AppMakr are Inc 500, AtlanticWire and way more.

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One Response to “AppMakr, Easy iPhone App Creator”

  1. tatum Bisley Says:

    Not great…. $499 for a different look! I’m sure it doesn’t take days and days ot make that with the apple SDK!
    It’s a skin… ‘custome icon’! Easy… just bookmark to desktop!. wow… a boot screen!… all this for $499!
    Cashing in on the media fuss… we all know that for every app success story… there’s about 10000 that aren’t!

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