Dec 22

sponge dudeToday is the last day of the free game giveaway event on Tomorrow and December 24th we’ll see something else show up under the red squared box. Today’s free game is “Sponge Dude”.


Sponge Dude has been banned to earth by his tyrannic boss iBoss as a disciplinary measure for messing up his job as planet’s watchman. Taken for granted he wants to leave this underdeveloped planet as soon
as possible. During his adventure he will meet scary enemies and unexpected friends.


Sponge Dude misses arms and legs – under earth gravity he only manages to do little mostly useless jumps (tap). So help this little dude: use bombs to blast him through the air, lift him into the air using balloons and much more. Using the two-finger-gesture you can zoom the game and get a fast and easy overview of the surrounding area.


  • Cutting-edge physic system
  • Fast action and enchaining puzzles
  • Cool, zoomable graphics
  • Intuitive multitouch-control
  • Cool soundtrack or listen to your own iPod music
  • 4 worlds
  • 26 levels
  • Ideal for casual and intensive gaming

Dive into the crazy adventure of Sponge Dude – and the Alien Hippies!

Sponge Dude is free only today [App Store]

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