Dec 07

new-att-logo2AT&T has made an Ad to convince people that they have the fastest network compared to the network of Verizon. At&T claims they have the fastest 3G speeds. To me the Ad is not convincing at all and it would’ve been better if AT&T spent their money on some new 3G towers.

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One Response to “AT&T iPhone Ad Compares Own 3G Speed With Verizon’s Network”

  1. Mnementh Says:

    Not only seems convincing to me, I’ve proven it as well. Let’s face it, if you’re in an ATT 3G coverage area, you do get better service than Verizon. If I’m out in the middle of nowhere, then I don’t get 3G. I get the Edge network, which is (again, proven), pretty darn close to Verizon’s weak 3G.

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