Nov 16

whitemacbookA lot of parts from products will be recycled. But some people just use parts and create something new. PowerBook Medic has a way to recycle iPhone and Mac parts. The company makes earrings from the Apple-buttons.

The photo in the upper left corner you see an example of those iPhone earrings. Below is another photo. The iPhone home-button is used to create these unique earrings. You can also buy earrings made from MacBook and iMac buttons.

PowerBook Medic is also a company that repairs Apple products. That means they frequently replace buttons and such. These ‘waste-buttons’ are then used to create these earrings. Apparently many people like to have these earrings, because the company is now ordering buttons via Apple to be able to keep making them.

The earrings can be yours for $15, you can order them at

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