Nov 12

399279main_cell_phone_sensor4-250x187NASA is busy with a very advanced application. It’s a chemical sensor which can detect Chlorine, Ammonia, methane, or other gasses in the air. A researcher at NASA’s Ames Research Center has created a small and cheap chemical sensor that can be attached to the iPhone.

nasa-chemische-sensorThe sensor is a big as a postage stamp and can be connected to the iPhone via the dock-connector. You can collect sensor-data, work with it and send it. The sensor has 16 nano-sensors which can analyze the air and send the information to a computer or another phone. This can be done via Wi-Fi or the mobile phone network.

The has been developed as part of Cell-All program. This is a project in which researchers are looking for better ways to detects chemical substances with a mobile phone. That way the GPS-sensor can transmit a message when there’s a gas cloud.

Source: NASA

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  1. rabTT Says:

    Cool app . . . but methane?? I hope the iPhone is intrinsically safe, otherwise you’ll soon know if there’s methane in the air when you hear the Whoosh Boom! lol

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