Nov 08

John Carmack is the creator of the classic Doom, a game recently launched in the App Store. In an interview with website Kotaku, Carmack explains that Apple is not happy with the growing popularity of games for the iPhone and iPod touch. This seems  a bit strange since Apple is making ads saying that especially the iPod touch is good for playing games on.

“At the highest level of Apple, in their heart of hearts…they’re not proud of the iPhone being a game machine, they wish it was something else.” says Carmack. The Doom developer says Apple was forced to choose to continuously compare the App Store with Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. The App Store has 21,179 games, while Nintendo DS only has 3,680 and PSP only 607.

Nintendo saw their sales drop with 50% last year due to the popularity of the iPhone and iPod touch. The advantage of the App Store is that games are much cheaper and all games can be bought digitally. With Nintendo DS games you’re forced to go to a shop to buy a game. The distribution costs are much higher and you have to put more effort in buying a game.

Source: AppleInsider

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