Nov 03

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Gizmodo reports that Chinese parts supplier China Ontrade is offering an “Apple iPhone 4 Generation Midboard”, which the company claims it received from Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn on November 1st. The site also claims that it will be posting pictures of the back cover of the next-generation iPhone in the near future.

“We also have final pictures of iPhone 4 Generation with amazingly beautiful back cover that will come here up soon. Please check for updates.”

The same company last week posted what it claims to be a SIM card tray from the fourth-generation iPhone, although the site also referred to the device as an “iTablet”, suggesting that the tray could be from Apple’s much-rumored tablet project rather than the iPhone.

We remain skeptical of China Ontrade’s claims, as a previous claim of the third-generation iPhone bezel posted a month before the release of the iPhone 3GS actually turned out to apparently be from the Creative Zii Egg. A claimed LCD for the iPhone 3GS posted at the same time, however, does appear to have been correct. Consequently, it remains to be seen whether this latest part is in fact from a next-generation iPhone, which would be a significant surprise this early before an expected launch next summer, or if it is from some other device.

From: MacRumors

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