Nov 01

red alert iphoneAfter such a long wait, Red Alert has finally made it to the App Store. You can only find it in the New Zealand App Store, but that means it will not be long before the rest of the world can play this amazing game. The release date has been pushed back from October 23rd to an unannounced date, but apparently EA decided to release it on November 1st.

It’s a November 2nd release as it is November 2nd in New Zealand now. That means other countries will follow very soon after. The rest of the world will have it on November 2nd as well but have to wait a couple more hours before it is that day. So have a little more patience.

Apparently there’s an Expansion Pack already. And it happens to be Japan! I myself have to wait a little bit more but will buy it the moment it is available. Now let’s hope EA adds online multiplayer soon.


Click on the image to see a larger version of it. You can then read the description of the game.

If you’re living in New Zealand you can start playing the game right away, $13,99 [App Store]
The game will probably cost $9,99 in the U.S. and €7,99 in Europe.

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  1. borgqueenx Says:

    Cheers! Ive been waiting so damn long for this…

  2. borg queen x Says:

    i cant make the picture larger :( and comments placed on iphone wont be on the pc part of iphonefreakz…

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