Oct 30


In just a few days the Motorola Droid will hit the market. Verizon has been marketing the phone for a few weeks now and launched several ads attacking the iPhone. The Droid is supposed to be the iPhone killer. But we’ve heard that before. So Engadget made a video showing the browser speeds of both phones.

The iPhone 3GS is still faster, but the Droid can scroll through the page much faster. I don’t like the Droid at all. The iPhone is still the winner and a beautifully designed phone.

You can watch the video via this link.

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5 Responses to “iPhone And Droid Browser Speed Tested”

  1. Steve Says:

    iDont think so……………

  2. Marc C Says:

    lol jailbroken iPhone with QTweeter- represent!

  3. Chris Wade Says:

    If all you are doing is comparing the built-in browser, then yes the iPhone’s browser is better, but there are numerous third party browsers for the iPhone, most of which are better than the iPhone’s Safari.

  4. borgqueenx Says:

    Haha qtweeter jailbroken iphone :P

    iphone does not have worthy enemys, yet.

  5. r4 ds Says:

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