Oct 25

fast-in-app-purchaseShervin Pishevar, CEO from SGN, was very pleased when he heard Apple announced the In-App Purchasing availability for free apps. He believes it’s a fundamental movement of how developers use the App Store. As a reaction the Apple’s announcement, SGN decided to create a free version of the game F.A.S.T.SGN earned $1,8 million with the game, but will try to earn even more money with In-App Purchases. The game will offer all kinds of virtual stuff, after the game has been installed for free. It could also be possible SGN will offer all their games for free.

SGN thinks there will be big changes in the App Store and not all of them are positive. It will be harder to get noticed. All kinds of free games will be offered but can only be used after an In-App Purchase. It is important for developers to build a relationship with the users.

Source: TechCrunch

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