Oct 11

blackra1nGeohot has created Blackra1n, the first jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1.2. It supports Cydia and Icy and is for people who are on firmware 3.1 and 3.1.2. It is also for all devices except the iPod touch 3G. It is possible to jailbreak the iPod touch 3G but it needs to be jailbroken after every reboot.

People who are still on a firmware version lower then 3.1 (like me) can better wait till the new version of PwnageTool arrives. That’s probably very soon.

The jailbreak does not use a ram-disk, therefore it’s a lot quicker method then the one used by the iPhone Dev Team. On Geohot’s blog he says his code is simple, hacky and fast, while the code of the DevTeam is slow, proper and complicated. He also warns that Blackra1n is NOT an unlock-method and that you can loose your software-unlock with an update to 3.1.2.

You can download the jailbreak on Blackra1n.com and you can watch how easy it is to jailbreak your device, in the video below:

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4 Responses to “Jailbreak For Firmware 3.1.2: “Blackra1n””

  1. Dtre Says:

    Very nice and fast jailbreak!!!

  2. Gilbert Says:

    It isn’t working for me. My phone just turns black and never comes on. I have to unplug it from the computer and turn it on. I’ve tried a couple of times, but nothing. I even left it synced for awhile. Does anyone have any suggestions.

  3. chris Says:

    I just tried it and it works perfect for me.
    I first upgraded it to firmware 3.1.2 by synchronizing with iTunes and after that i used Blackra1n.

  4. isom Says:

    dev team has done alot dont forget guys :)
    but i opt for the fastest this time

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