Oct 04

Gameloft keeps launching new games for the iPhone. They have launched a couple of screenshots and say the game will be available very soon. Gameloft wants to celebrate the launch of the game and organizes a contest.


Details of the forthcoming title, as listed by the studio.

  • Best graphics of any baseball simulation on the App Store with all 3D players and stadiums
  • Lifelike animations when batting, pitching or catching and also features an innovative gauge to use for batting so swings can be even more accurate and powerful
  • iTunes Music Library access
  • Delivers intense realism thanks to audio commentary, sound effects and spectator reactions to your plays


“Celebrating the release of the game, Gameloft is running a video contest where the top 10 winners can take home (depending upon ranking) an iPod touch, an official MLB jersey, or an official MLB cap.  All 10 winners will be featured in Derek Jeter Real Baseball as players in a special team.”

The rules are explained in this video, and can be read below:

  1. Print the official target of the contest
  2. Record a video showing a spectacular and accurate pitch at the target
  3. Upload the video on the contest website
  4. Users can then vote for their favorite videos.

The contest is limited to the US and Canada only and began October 2nd and ends on November 15th

Below you can see the game in action:

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